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In 1977, George French and Melrose Bond French were approached by friend and attorney Bill Moore with a plan to bring new construction and home design to Ennis, Texas. With a young, active son and a closely-knit group of friends in North Dallas, the French family considered the opportunity with care. The pair decided to leave it up to fate: they packed several bags, put their house on the market, and went on an impromptu vacation. If the house sold quickly, they would pursue the chance in Ellis County.

After only two days, a contract was offered on their house in Richardson, and George and Melrose began outlining their plan to establish a home building company. The family purchased a little house in Ennis, bought several lots of land, and began construction on three spec homes under the company name of French & Bond. With George’s Building Experience working for Fox & Jacob’s and His Accounting background with Bear Sterns as well as the Interior design Expertise brought by Melrose, The Company was off and running. Momentum only grew and just one year later a long-time friend and engineer Tony Medina and his wife Sylvia moved to Ennis with their 3 sons. The business and design expertise of the French duo paired well with the technical skill of the Medinas, and the company took off.

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With the fresh name of French, Bond, & Medina, the company entered a new phase within the home building market. 1984 marked the year that FBM Roofing and Solar opened its doors as a real estate company under the Coldwell Banker franchise. Employing a team of local realtors, the company started selling both the custom homes built by FBM and also properties owned privately throughout Ellis County and the surrounding area. Now a dynamic force in the real estate market, FBM operated as a residential homebuilder, a real estate company, and a property management company.

The company flourished throughout the early eighties, but 1986 presented a considerable hurdle for everyone involved in the real estate market. The legislation was passed that changed the banking and real estate industry forever, and FBM Roofing and Solar experienced the effects first hand. Recognizing that home and security were at the heart of everything the company did, the founders used every resource available to them to continue providing residences to families during this difficult time.

Building Success: The FMB Roofing and Solar Story

In 1994, several years after finishing his degree, Mike French joined the family business. With an entrepreneurial spirit, Mike was brought in to focus on the property management aspect of the company but soon began establishing satellite companies to satisfy the maintenance, construction, and repair needs of owners. In 1998 FBM Roofing and Solar. was created to support the Property Management company. Then, in 2003, George French handed FBM Property Management & FBM Roofing and Solar. over to his son, selling the real estate facet of the company and laying the groundwork for what FBM is today.

Over the past 20 years our construction company has evolved into a full-service company offering HVAC, plumbing, fire & flood restoration, roofing, make ready & maintenance, and general contracting. Because of our 40 years of experience, we are able to handle all types of projects from make ready rentals to multi-million-dollar construction projects.

Currently serving cities throughout Ellis, Dallas, Tarrant, Navarro, & Johnson Counties, FBM operates as a full-service property management and construction company. Our business is founded on principles of friendship and family, and we offer that supportive and friendly rapport to all of our clients. For over forty years we have built lasting relationships throughout the community, fostering confidence and trust in everything that we do. Contact us today, we are ready to help you with your next project!